Recent Journalism


The Act, a short story, The Baffler

Election Day, Danville, VA, Esquire

Fiscal Policy as Race Relations, FT Op-Ed

The Permanent Crisis, Salon

Commentary, 9/11, Der Spiegel

Dancing to Sadness, Alibi

Sovereignty of the Market, Salon

America’s Right Wing, The Prospect

The Art of the Sentence, FT

The Class Ceiling, FT


Selected stories and articles


Night Walk, a short story about President Obama

The author’s first new short story in four years is part of New York Magazine‘s Political Fictions Project. You can read it here.

Anthony Woods, a profile of the young politician in Esquire

He’s an Iraq-war vet, a West Point and Harvard grad, one of the first openly gay black men to run for Congress. And, now, in debt and out of a job. But that’s just the beginning of his story. Read the full profile here.

City Visit, a short story in the Atlantic Monthly

Published back in 2005, this story was later anthologized in the O’Henry Prize Stories and an Ecco Anthology of Contemporary American Short Fiction.

“As they rose onto the bridge, Brendan leaned against the taxi window, gazing into the towers lit against the night sky, just as they are in the beginning of all the Miramax films, or the shots from the blimp when they show evening games at the U.S. Open—only now he could see the red-and-white streams of car lights rushing along the river’s edge, beacons on the prows of ships jetting the waterway, a helicopter’s taillights cruising down the glittering shore.” Read full story…

San Francisco Chronicle: review of John Updike’s last story collection

Read more…

The New Yorker: Love Supreme, critic-at-large on same-sex marriage

In December of 1990, Genora Dancel and Ninia Baehr, a lesbian couple from Honolulu, applied for and were denied a license to marry. Read more…

The Yale Review: The Believers, an essay on a friendship

Full text coming soon.

The Nation: The Name of Love, essay on Gore Vidal in

In January 1948 Dutton brought out the third novel of a promising young writer named Gore Vidal. The publishing house was nervous. Read more…

The Nation: Unintended Consequences, review of Justice Harry Blackmun biography

In the spring of 1970 Richard Nixon was having trouble filling a vacancy on the Supreme Court. Read more…

Colors Magazine: Found at Sea, riff on the life of deep-sea oil rig workers

Roughnecks, roustabouts, derrickmen, drillers, toolpushers, virtually all male, working 12-hour shifts, night and day. Read more…

The Stranger: A reaction to the election of Obama