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unionatlantic-pbUnion Atlantic was shortlisted for the Commonwealth Writers’ Prize and won a Lambda Literary Award.

Recent stories and articles

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“The first great novel of the new century that takes the new century as its subject…It’s big and ambitious, like novels used to be. It’s about us, now. All of us.”

“Adam Haslett may be our F. Scott Fitzgerald…A profound, strikingly intelligent story.” —Washington Post

“It’s remarkable how successfully ‘Union Atlantic’ — so unlike [his] stories in structure and style, and so much broader in scope — continues the nuance of Haslett’s earlier characterizations.”
The New York Times

“Union Atlantic should cement [Haslett’s] reputation as one ofAmerica’s great young authors — there aren’t many writers thisoriginal, and this intelligent, both intellectually and emotionally,around these days.”

“Exceedingly well written…a high-spirited, slyly astute exploration of our great bottoming out.”
The Boston Globe

Read reviews and profiles of the author on the press page, more about the book on the books page, and see book tour dates and media appearances on the apperances page. Available now for pre-order: IndieBound, Amazon, B&N

Union Atlantic on National Public Radio

On Morning Edition, correspondent Lynn Neary aired a six-minute piece on the novel. Listen Here. On NPR’s What We’re Reading Now, she wrote: “Union Atlantic seems the perfect book for our times…Haslett hascreated memorable characters whose dysfunctional lives seem to embodythe frenetic craziness and moral confusion of the era. Haslett’sportrayal of contemporary America is funny and insightful. At times italso breaks your heart, because the people who live in this fictionalworld are so real and so stubbornly human.”

Meanwhile, Alan Cheuse reviewed the novel on All Things Considered. Listen here.

On On Point Tom Ashbrook discussed the novel in an hour long broadcast with listener call-ins. Listen here.

Night Walk, a short story about the President

The author’s first new short story in four years is part of New York Magazine‘s Political Fictions Project. You can read it here.

Esquire presents Union Atlantic

Esquire has selected Adam for its 2009 Best & Brightest issue. Their piece on the book is here.

Their excerpt of the novel (the prologue) can be read here.

Also, check out Adam’s profile of politician Anthony Woods in the same issue.

City Visit, a short story from The Atlantic

Published back in 2005, this story was later anthologized in the O’Henry Prize Stories and an Ecco Anthology of Contemporary American Short Fiction.

“As they rose onto the bridge, Brendan leaned against the taxi window, gazing into the towers lit against the night sky, just as they are in the beginning of all the Miramax films, or the shots from the blimp when they show evening games at the U.S. Open—only now he could see the red-and-white streams of car lights rushing along the river’s edge, beacons on the prows of ships jetting the waterway, a helicopter’s taillights cruising down the glittering shore.” Read full story…